Detect Early. Survive Longer.

Detect Early. Survive Longer.

Detect Early. Survive Longer.

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There are lots of ways to support us, and we’d love to share more about this with you. We’re passionate about raising money and awareness for prostate cancer, so please consider reading more about what we’re doing across the UK.

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About Barry

Barry is the former chairman of Burnley FC. He was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in 2011, and having had no symptoms he was understandably shocked by the result. He is determined to help as many men as possible from being put in the same position as he was.


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About Us

Having been active since 2014, Barry Kilby Prostate Cancer Appeal is now gearing up considerably due to the fantastic response of people to the initiative. We already have testing day enquiries that will take us into 2022, and these will be located across the UK. Our overall goal is to help to save local men's lives with simple PSA blood testing events at local sports grounds. There are no national screening events for prostate cancer, and this is why our services are so important. Men don’t always go to their doctor, but they’ll visit a football ground, and that’s why we base our events in these locations. We don’t want anyone to suffer from this illness, so please consider supporting us today!

Please click here to email us for your signed, limited addition copy of Barry's book 'As Good As Some' £5.00 inc postage. All proceeds go to the BKPCA.

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