Detect Early. Survive Longer.

Detect Early. Survive Longer.

Detect Early. Survive Longer.

Your Stories

Having recently undergone an MRI scan at Queen Alexandra Hospital in respect of an elevated PSA level.

I attended Fratton Park, Portsmouth, on Sunday 24 March 2019 when the BKPCA was hosting a testing event.

My PSA result was 4.7 and as instructed I visited my G.P. who in turn advised me to have another PSA test a few months later.

This second PSA test came back at 5.2 and I was referred to the Urology Dept. at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth.

The result of the MRI scan confirms the Urologist's prognosis that I have an enlarged prostrate, the volume of which is consistent with my elevated PSA level, and she has advised my G.P. that I should have an annual PSA test.

Without BKPCA attending Fratton Park I would not have had a PSA test. The welcome diagnosis comes as a great relief, but after getting over the initially shock of having an elevated PSA I have come to realise that it is better to tackle these things head on and not ignore prostate cancer or the good work that your charity is doing.

Many thanks and keep up the good work!

I went along to the session at Turf Moor with my brother-in-law, expecting to get the 'all clear' as I was only 52, however within 3 weeks I had a diagnosis for early stage prostate cancer!

Attending this session has certainly changed my outlook on life, as, as I have found, prostate cancer can affect any man, even someone relatively young. I will now receive regular monitoring of my condition, and will benefit from early intervention, should the cancer become more active.

Had I not attended the session, the cancer may not have been detected until it was at a more advanced stage, by then, the treatment options available would be more drastic.

I feel that early diagnosis is undoubtedly a benefit to any man!

Thank you for everything you do to promote awareness about prostate health. I will always eternally grateful for attending the Burnley FC event in June, which made me aware of my high PSA level. I have since been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and treatment is underway, however it could have remained undetected, and so much worse, if not for your excellent initiative. Thank you and keep up the good work.

My dad tested positive at an event nearly 3 years ago and I can’t repay the debt owned to this Appeal and valuable work. I truly can’t thank the BKPCA enough! My Dad was asymptomatic when tested but diagnosed with locally advanced cancer which was aggressive. This Appeal is literally giving years to the positive men tested.

My father in law attended a testing day at Turf Moor and was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He’s out the other side now, with very little side effects. Without him attending that day it could have been a very different outcome. He is an avid supporter of the charity (and the club!) and, being a good talker (he’ll talk to ANYONE), you couldn’t ask for a better promoter of the testing days. Thank you so much for what you do. I hope more men are able to be tested and those that are contemplating it understand that the testing day is VERY simple and non invasive.

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