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Could Not Be More Straightforward

“I came for my PSA test to Clitheroe Golf Club; this was after I had received an email advising me of the testing 12 months after my initial test at Burnley Golf Club. The results were remarkably received on the same Saturday evening and were Green rated.

I just wanted to offer my thanks and appreciation for the service provided, it is genuinely first-class and could not be more straightforward. I have no doubt you will save many lives over the years. Well done to all involved.”

I Am Really Glad That I Took Part

“I attended a PSA Test Day at Rochdale AFC as part of a programme in partnership with The Barry Kilby Prostate Cancer Appeal.

I only took part as testing was targeted at a Rochdale AFC home match and as the Community Manager, felt it appropriate to attend.

I was informed that there were no issues from that test but following a second PSA test the following season I was notified that I was diagnosed with a Gleason 6 Prostate Cancer, which really knocked me for six.

Since then, I have been treated extremely well by the NHS with actions including three monthly assessments through phone calls to reassure me that everything is OK.

I am really glad that I took part in the PSA Testing as I would be walking around unaware of my condition, not receiving the present attention, and looking to the future in a better frame of mind.”

It is likely that this test has saved my life.

I am contacting you to thank you for providing me with a PSA blood test last year. It is likely that this test has saved my life.

To cut a long story short, your test showed an abnormal PSA level in my blood which was subsequently confirmed as being caused by Prostate Cancer. I have since had a radical prostatectomy and am doing very well. The cancer appears to have been entirely encapsulated within my prostate.

Right up until my radical prostatectomy, I never had any symptoms of Prostate Cancer or enlarged prostate. Had I not had the blood test BKPCA provided I would have been oblivious to the cancer in my prostate. It is highly likely that I would only have become aware of the cancer when it was very well established and potentially terminal.

So, thank you so much for saving my life!! It is a wonderful life saving test that I will be forever grateful to BKPCA for.

Another thing that has emerged from all of this is that as there is a history of Prostate Cancer in my family – significantly increasing the risk of me developing it – the NHS should have been monitoring my blood PSA level since I turned 50 (I am 59). When I found this out, I informed my brother to get tested and, surprise, surprise, he has an abnormal blood PSA level. Fortunately, he has no cancer in his prostate but at least he is under prostate active surveillance. Again, this would not have happened had it not been for the service the BKPCA provided to me.

Enough said!

Please keep up the magnificent work.

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